Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day One of Single Parenting

Yes, it is the on year for Logan to travel. He has taken a group of students to Costa Rica for 2wks. I thought I would log how my time as a single parent goes since it has been, um, interesting. So, we woke everyone up at 5:30am to take Daddy to the airport. The kids were excited for this early morning ride and seemed fine about him leaving. I had been asked several weeks ago to speak in church on that same Sunday (that Logan left for CR), so I brushed up on my talk and prepped myself for church. When Brother Baldwin asked me to speak I told him I couldn't do it because who would watch my kids unless he wanted to volunteer. Yea, he knows my in-laws, so he just offered their services. Well, they are so nice and always willing, but Ammon didn't even last long enough for me to walk up to the stand. Ken kept him outside until I spoke and he had been so good that Ken thought he could come in and listen to me. He looked away for a moment and Ammon was running up the aisle to get me. Despite that, the talk went well, then the drama started. Parker and Brooklyn did their stuff in Primary and we made it through Sunday School. RS started and we headed back to Primary for Maya's part. Yes, all three kids got called to help out in Primary. I got to Primary and Maya was not there. The leaders told me she was out in the hall crying. I found her and she was sobbing because she missed her dad. Brooklyn saw us in the hall and asked why Maya was crying. I told her and sent her back to class. A few minutes later she comes back out of her class crying because now she misses her dad. They were both sitting on the couch with me crying away when a helper in the nursery came around the corner. Yep, Ammon was poopy! Good thing Brother Brown is so willing to help. He sat and spoke Spanish to my crying girls while I recused the nursery. The rest of the day was fine.

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  1. Sorry that the first day was so hard, but that is the joys of single parenthood. Just be glad that it is only for a few days.