Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Two of Single Parenting

Yes, so day two started bright and early like my days usually do. I thought I had everything all planned out. The kids were super excited because it was the first day of swim lessons. They all were signed up and ended up having class at the same time. I know, lucky me! All three at the same time. They were all dressed and ready to go about 8am. I figured we had time to grab some produce at the store and then head to the pool. We got there about 7 minutes after 9am. I had brought our Book of Mormon and decided to use the extra time to get in our scriptures read. We finished reading, went in to use the bathroom and headed into the pool. The class before was finishing up and Brooklyn walked close to the pool. I called her name and she stepped back, but the teacher in the pool said she was in her class. I said yes, at 9:30am and she said, no, at 9am! What the heck!! Yes, I am that much of an idiot. We sat in the car reading during most of their first swim lesson because I remembered the wrong time. UUUGGGGHHH. The kids really took it rather well. They jumped in the pool for about 1 minute until class was over. I forced the kids to have quiet time after lunch and then do some school work. They weren't too happy at first, but they went with it. We had a nice family home evening and went to the park for our activity. A better ending than it started.

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