Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 8 -- The Day of Rest

It could have been a day of rest. It kind of was. The first kid was up at 7:30am (yes that is a 7!) and the last at 8:30am. That is an all time record for my kids! We got everyone showered and then we got sucked into this new game that Maya brought home from her grandparents called "Rack-o". It is basically a card game wherein each player tried to exchange their cards in an attempt to get their cards in their hand in numerical order. We played until I realized that we had to leave in 30 minutes and no one had their church clothes on or their hair done. We managed to get to church with most of the important things. I had been asked to talk to Brooklyn's sunbeam class about babies, but while I was doing that, Ammon had a poopie diaper. I was going to just keep him in the classroom until I was done and then change him, but then they turned him around and I saw poop all up his back. Yeah, he is 19 months, not 9 months. So, Kim (his grandma) took him to change him while I finished up in the class. I went outside to help finish the cleaning and as we were gathering it all up we realized that they had just fertilized the grass and we had laid him naked on it. Hmmm. I hope that doesn't cause problems. So, the question arises... can you send a child to nursery in just a diaper and sandals? That and his tie were the only unscathed things left. They run around like that at home. Is there a problem? I tried it and though they were a little hesitant (something about the other kids might grab things???) Then I noticed that his friend, Preston, who is also in the nursery was wearing an extra shirt over his shirt and overalls. We borrowed that one so Ammon appeared somewhat dressed and left him crying in nursery. He loves to go to nursery the first time, but not the second (after I've had to change him).
We managed to get home and eat dinner. The highlight of the day was getting to call dad in Costa Rica. The kids were super excited to talk to him, but then they missed him more. In fact, Maya and Parker are sleeping tonight with Logan's old id badges from work. Ahhhh!

Day 7 -- The Weekend

We had a nice relaxing Saturday. We watched cartoons in the morning and then did our Saturday chores. Maya got to go to lunch with her grandparents and Parker went to a friends birthday party. The night is when we got excitement! On a whim, I mentioned to the grandparents that I had thought about taking the kids to the Vancouver Rodeo. They said they were actually planning on going themselves, so we decided to go together, so they could help me with the kids. I wasn't sure how the kids would do or if they would lose interest. I've never been to a rodeo myself. It was three hours long, but the kids never really got bored. They say that they loved the whole thing. There were some pretty exciting moments. Ammon was as wiggly as the bucking broncos, but the couples sitting behind us loved him. He turned on the charm, smiling at them and saying "Peese!" so they would feed him cheese and crackers and apples. I did have a backpack full of snacks, but it was more fun to eat the other people's. He then started climbing back there to sit with them. They were all older people so he just adopted himself another set of grandparents. He was hilarious to watch. Every time the rodeo clown would come and ask our section to make noise so he could throw a t-shirt or something, Ammon had his hands in the air waving around and yelling, just like all the big kids. He was so much fun to watch. His eyes would get so big and he does the little "whoo" thing with his lips whenever something new happened. We got home about 10:30pm, so the kids went to sleep pretty quick.

Day6 -- TGIF

Our day started early with a fast trip to the store to get supplies for the banana split party tonight and then I dropped the older kids off at the Castros. I took Ammon to the doctor where he got two shots and failed his problem solving development test. Seriously. The things they want him to do seem so out of reach. He should be able to use a pencil to pull something closer that he wants but is out of reach. No, he just climbs up to where he can get what he wants. He should be able to draw a somewhat straight line next to one that I've drawn? It's really crazy stuff. The boy is fine. He can get what he wants. A few weeks ago we were at a family party and Logan's cousin was sitting at a table where there was a plate of cookies. Ammon sidles up to him, leans against his leg and smiles up at him. Jackson picks him up and was so happy that Ammon wanted to sit with him. Then, Ammon leans forward, grabs another cookie and slips right of Jackson's lap.
Anyway, we finished at the doctor and dropped Ammon off at a sitter so I could take the older kids bowling. A local bowling alley hosts a kids bowl free program. We pay for shoe rental and they get to bowl 2 games every day for free. We had a fun time bowling with our friends, the Castros. Their kids are funny and are pretty good friends with my kids. I also enjoy talking with Luis and Lariza. Luis, the dad was Maya's teacher at school this past year. They are also members of the LDS church, so we have lots in common.
After bowling, we had lunch and then the kids got to watch a movie while I met with the RS President to make changes to VT. We had some dinner and got the house ready for the banana split party. My sister-in-law, Danieal, is usually out of town for her birthday, but she is here this year, so we partied. We ate and we talked. It was fun, though another late night for my kids.

Day 5 -- Snakes and Lizards

Today was the first library show of the summer and it was all about reptiles. We did some stuff at home and then picked up our cousin, Ryan Hollister, to come with us to the library. It was an interesting show. The kids were so interested that they did not start getting antsy until an hour had passed, but then they started the petting zoo. The kids touched snakes and a crocodile. It was fun for them. After the show we got lunch at McDonald's and then had Ryan stay to play until his Dad was done at work. They love their cousin and they love playing with him (even though he is 11). He plays great with them. We even went outside and played wall-ball and tv-tag for about one and a half hours. Everyone was super tired by the end.

Day 4-Rain or Shine

Well, we did have a successful swim lesson this morning. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and are excited for more swim time. It's been a few days, so I can't remember what we did the rest of the morning, but I'm sure I tried to get in a few errands. We did have plans to play tennis after dinner. We had a playdate with our friends, the Castros and ended up setting up a tennis date later with both families. We ate dinner and then headed up to the high school to play. We got there and unloaded the bike for our little guy and a ball for the little girl and then started hitting balls. Then, of course, it started raining. Just sprinkling really, so we kept playing. Our friends showed up and and I hung out, talking with Lariza, and Luis (their dad) got the bigger kids playing a game during which it began to really rain. But, we live in the northwest, so we played it out until I realized it was almost 8pm. My favorite moment was when I turned around to find Ammon lying facedown on the tennis court, lapping up water from puddles. Geez, just say your thirsty and I can get you a drink of water!