Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 7 -- The Weekend

We had a nice relaxing Saturday. We watched cartoons in the morning and then did our Saturday chores. Maya got to go to lunch with her grandparents and Parker went to a friends birthday party. The night is when we got excitement! On a whim, I mentioned to the grandparents that I had thought about taking the kids to the Vancouver Rodeo. They said they were actually planning on going themselves, so we decided to go together, so they could help me with the kids. I wasn't sure how the kids would do or if they would lose interest. I've never been to a rodeo myself. It was three hours long, but the kids never really got bored. They say that they loved the whole thing. There were some pretty exciting moments. Ammon was as wiggly as the bucking broncos, but the couples sitting behind us loved him. He turned on the charm, smiling at them and saying "Peese!" so they would feed him cheese and crackers and apples. I did have a backpack full of snacks, but it was more fun to eat the other people's. He then started climbing back there to sit with them. They were all older people so he just adopted himself another set of grandparents. He was hilarious to watch. Every time the rodeo clown would come and ask our section to make noise so he could throw a t-shirt or something, Ammon had his hands in the air waving around and yelling, just like all the big kids. He was so much fun to watch. His eyes would get so big and he does the little "whoo" thing with his lips whenever something new happened. We got home about 10:30pm, so the kids went to sleep pretty quick.

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