Monday, January 24, 2011

Alternate use for your cutting board..

We have always joked about Parker and Ammon being twins born four years apart. They look so much alike and Ammon even has the same brown spot as Parker, though he only has one and Parker has nine. They have the same eyes and have both sucked various phalanges where the girls never did.
The most recent similarity to appear is the death defying, I want to go to the ER tendency. Fortunately, we were able to avoid a true incident with Ammon, but it could have been bad. If you have forgotten Parker burned his hand just shortly before he turned one. Right around the time Ammon turned one he was learning how to navigate back down the stairs. At our house he uses the solid wall to tell where he is and when he no longer feels the wall with his feet, he knows he can start sliding backwards.
Not so at Grandma's house. They have live in this house for 30 some years and she swears this has never happened. In an attempt to prevent further death defying stunts that we might not live through, Grandma found another use for her cutting board.

I was up at the top of the stairs on the landing putting toys back in a closet. Suddenly I hear Brooklyn say "No, no, baby!" I turn around to see Ammon slipping between the banisters up to his armpits. Look in the upper right corner of the picture. The white thing between the brown banisters is the cutting board she put over the opening that he was sliding through. The shiny stuff is saran wrap that Grandma put up in case Ammon got curious about looking through anywhere else along the way. I don't want to imagine what that fall would have been like if no one had been up there with him to haul him back up. We are just glad he didn't go through with it.