Sunday, December 12, 2010

15 hams, 100# of potatoes.....

It is finally over! After buying 15 hams, 100# of potatoes, 7 Costco cakes, 360 rolls, and 12-16 lbs. of salad, everyone has been fed and sent home. It really is quite the undertaking to feed so many people. We planned for 300, but had about 225 come. Still, that's a lot of people to keep happy. I had lots of good help to cook the food and keep the kitchen running and we were able to use the xtra food at a funeral and a baptism the next day. I would say almost harder than the food portion was the entertainment. Trying to get people with ideas to pick and stick to one song and not take over the whole program was challenging. People seemed to like the whole night and had plenty to eat, so I think it was a success.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The long lapse

Yes, it has been many months since I posted anything on this blog. I kept imagining that I would download pictures to go along with all my stories, and maybe one day I will. But, it hasn't been any of the past 120 or so days. Maybe during Christmas break?
Anyway, I decided to just start from now and share some of the daily things that happen to make me smile. So, I hope the other two posts from today make you laugh and I am going to try to take the time to share more in the future.


Parker has been spending a lot of time coloring lately. I mean, hours a day. He brought me a few pictures he had finished and I praised him on the neatness. He is making that transition from just getting color somewhere on the picture to actually coloring different sections and now to staying in the lines. He smiled at me and said, "that's quality coloring."


We were wrapping Christmas presents a few days ago and I addressed one to Tripp, my nephew. My kids asked who that was and I so I explained. I told them about Tripp's family, mentioning that he has a big brother named Peregrine. It was hard to pronounce, so I added, like a peregrine falcon. Parker corrected me... "No mom, it's the Millenium Falcon!"