Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 8 -- The Day of Rest

It could have been a day of rest. It kind of was. The first kid was up at 7:30am (yes that is a 7!) and the last at 8:30am. That is an all time record for my kids! We got everyone showered and then we got sucked into this new game that Maya brought home from her grandparents called "Rack-o". It is basically a card game wherein each player tried to exchange their cards in an attempt to get their cards in their hand in numerical order. We played until I realized that we had to leave in 30 minutes and no one had their church clothes on or their hair done. We managed to get to church with most of the important things. I had been asked to talk to Brooklyn's sunbeam class about babies, but while I was doing that, Ammon had a poopie diaper. I was going to just keep him in the classroom until I was done and then change him, but then they turned him around and I saw poop all up his back. Yeah, he is 19 months, not 9 months. So, Kim (his grandma) took him to change him while I finished up in the class. I went outside to help finish the cleaning and as we were gathering it all up we realized that they had just fertilized the grass and we had laid him naked on it. Hmmm. I hope that doesn't cause problems. So, the question arises... can you send a child to nursery in just a diaper and sandals? That and his tie were the only unscathed things left. They run around like that at home. Is there a problem? I tried it and though they were a little hesitant (something about the other kids might grab things???) Then I noticed that his friend, Preston, who is also in the nursery was wearing an extra shirt over his shirt and overalls. We borrowed that one so Ammon appeared somewhat dressed and left him crying in nursery. He loves to go to nursery the first time, but not the second (after I've had to change him).
We managed to get home and eat dinner. The highlight of the day was getting to call dad in Costa Rica. The kids were super excited to talk to him, but then they missed him more. In fact, Maya and Parker are sleeping tonight with Logan's old id badges from work. Ahhhh!

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  1. You just have to love these kids. So many interesting ways that they can complicate our lives.
    We take kids in our nursery in all kinds of dress or undress.