Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day6 -- TGIF

Our day started early with a fast trip to the store to get supplies for the banana split party tonight and then I dropped the older kids off at the Castros. I took Ammon to the doctor where he got two shots and failed his problem solving development test. Seriously. The things they want him to do seem so out of reach. He should be able to use a pencil to pull something closer that he wants but is out of reach. No, he just climbs up to where he can get what he wants. He should be able to draw a somewhat straight line next to one that I've drawn? It's really crazy stuff. The boy is fine. He can get what he wants. A few weeks ago we were at a family party and Logan's cousin was sitting at a table where there was a plate of cookies. Ammon sidles up to him, leans against his leg and smiles up at him. Jackson picks him up and was so happy that Ammon wanted to sit with him. Then, Ammon leans forward, grabs another cookie and slips right of Jackson's lap.
Anyway, we finished at the doctor and dropped Ammon off at a sitter so I could take the older kids bowling. A local bowling alley hosts a kids bowl free program. We pay for shoe rental and they get to bowl 2 games every day for free. We had a fun time bowling with our friends, the Castros. Their kids are funny and are pretty good friends with my kids. I also enjoy talking with Luis and Lariza. Luis, the dad was Maya's teacher at school this past year. They are also members of the LDS church, so we have lots in common.
After bowling, we had lunch and then the kids got to watch a movie while I met with the RS President to make changes to VT. We had some dinner and got the house ready for the banana split party. My sister-in-law, Danieal, is usually out of town for her birthday, but she is here this year, so we partied. We ate and we talked. It was fun, though another late night for my kids.

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  1. He may have failed THEIR problem solving test, but I don't think that there is a problem with his skills. He knows how to get what he wants, it just isn't the way they think it should be.
    He is just fine.