Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Three...

I actually slept well last night AND got to sleep in until 6am. Brooklyn slept in for awhile and then woke up and refused breakfast. She said her tummy hurt. She never did eat, but she did have a little diarrhea. I decided to take a trip to Portland to returna book to Deseret Book and then stop at target on the way home. As we were shopping, Brooklyn suddenly had to go to the bathroom. I left Maya in charge of the cart and told her to follow and catch up to us. I grabbed Brooklyn and we ran to the bathroom. Still, we better practice a little more because we ended up with the underwear and the pants in a plastic bag and Brooklyn wearing a diaper with no pants for the remainder of the trip. We got home and I started getting lunch for everyone. Brooklyn went upstairs and laid down for a few minutes, then reappeared. She snuggle up to me and suddenly her neck was hurting her. I turned her around and she lurched and this time we made it to the bathroom so she could puke. Nice. So, we folded laundry and watched movies this afternoon. I wish there was some sort of litmus test you could give kids when they say they don't feel well. Something to tell me if they are really sick or just feeling off. Well, tune in tomorrow (or the next day) to see what our next adventure will be. Good night!

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